Partial Property Styling

Partial Property Styling

A partial stage allows you to focus on certain areas of the property. Through only staging a few rooms or doing a complete stage with your existing furnishings, our styling team will ensure that the partially staged rooms or areas maintain a sense of coherence and flow with the rest of the property. We strive to create a visual connection between the staged, un-staged or mixed-staged spaces, allowing potential buyers to envision the property’s full potential.


E-Styling is an online service that allows clients from anywhere in Australia to liaise with our interior stylists. We can create the look you want to achieve despite time and distance constraints. Together we will create a space to be proud of, within a budget you are comfortable with. 

As consumers we are spoilt for choice when it comes to redecorating and it can be a daunting process. The thought of where to start can be paralysing.

1. Consultation and Assessment

One of our qualified stylists will meet with you to conduct an in-depth consultation. This step involves understanding the client's goals, budget, timeline, and specific requirements for the property. We assess the property's layout, architectural features, and target market to determine which areas would benefit the most from staging.

2. Focused Room Selection:

Based on the consultation and assessment, the property styling team identifies key rooms or areas that will receive staging. These are typically high-impact spaces, such as the living room, dining area, or master bedroom, which greatly influence potential buyers or tenants.

3. Furniture and Décor Selection

The property styling business carefully selects furniture, accessories, and décor items to enhance the chosen rooms or areas. The pieces are chosen to complement the existing furnishings and elements of the property to create an overall appealing visual presentation.

4. Logistics and Installation:

The property styling team manages the logistics of acquiring and delivering the staging items for the selected rooms or areas. They ensure that the furniture and accessories are strategically positioned to maximise the visual impact and functionality of the space.

5. Dismantling and Removal:

Once the property is sold or rented, the property styling team removes the staging items from the selected rooms or areas. They ensure that the property is left clean and ready for the new occupants.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hear’s some answers to the regular questions our customers ask us when they first start thinking about selling their property. 

What is property styling?

Property styling, also known as home staging or real estate styling, is the process of preparing a property for sale or rent to maximise its appeal to potential buyers or tenants. It involves enhancing the visual aesthetics and functionality of the space by using furniture, décor, accessories, and other design elements.

Can property styling help sell my home faster?

Yes, property styling can help sell your home faster. When a property is styled, it creates a visually appealing and aspirational environment that captures the attention of potential buyers. It helps them emotionally connect with the space and envision themselves living in it. A well-staged property can stand out from the competition, generate more interest, and potentially lead to quicker offers and sales.

Why should I consider property styling for my home?

Property styling can significantly increase the market appeal of your home, helping it stand out from competing properties and attracting more potential buyers or tenants. It creates a visually appealing and inviting atmosphere, allowing potential buyers or tenants to envision themselves living in the space. This can lead to a quicker sale or rental and potentially higher offers.

What are the benefits of hiring a property styling company?

Here at MPS we have the expertise in design, colour coordination, and space optimization, allowing them to transform your property into an attractive and desirable space. We can provide a fresh and unbiased perspective, making your home more appealing to a broader range of buyers or tenants. Additionally with our large warehouse full of all things interior styling, we have access to a range of furniture and decor options, to suit any style home, saving you the hassle and expense of purchasing them yourself.

How much does property styling typically cost?

The cost of property styling can vary depending on factors such as the size of the property, the scope of work, the duration of styling, and the location. At MPS we offer a range of services at various price points allowing us to accommodate all your needs

How long does the property styling process take?

The duration of the property styling process can vary depending on the size and condition of the property, as well as the availability of the property styling company. It generally involves an initial consultation, planning and design phase, furniture and accessory selection, delivery and installation, and final styling touches. On average, property styling can take a few days to a couple of weeks.

Do I need to vacate my home during the property styling process?

In most cases, it is not necessary to vacate your home during the property styling process. Property stylists can work around your existing furniture and belongings, incorporating them into the overall design if appropriate. However, there may be instances where decluttering or removing certain items is recommended to create a more visually appealing and spacious atmosphere. Your property styling company will provide guidance on any necessary preparations.

Do I need to stage the entire property, or can I select specific rooms?

The decision to stage the entire property or specific rooms depends on various factors, including budget, target market, and the condition of the property. While staging the entire property can provide a cohesive and seamless look, it may not be necessary in some cases. We can work with you to determine the areas that would benefit most from staging based on market trends and buyer preferences.

Can I purchase the furniture afterwards?

We typically do not sell our furniture items as they are part of a larger and broader collection. However, in a case by case scenario we may be open to selling. Best to take photos of the items you’re interested in and contact our office to discuss.

How far in advance should I contact you before listing my property for sale?

It’s advisable to contact our team as soon as you have a tentative timeline for listing your property. This will allow ample time for the styling process, including consultations, planning, sourcing furniture and accessories, and completing the staging. It’s generally recommended to reach out to a property styling service at least a few weeks in advance to ensure availability and proper planning for a seamless styling experience.

What areas of Melbourne do you cover for staging?

We stage all areas of Metropolitan Melbourne. We also stage and style many regional areas. We do have our sister company, Stage Homes (link to stage homes website?)  which is located in the Eastern Suburbs, between our two sites. This allows us to service almost anywhere in Victoria.

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