Melbourne Property Stylists

I love my home, why don’t you?

Home owners develop relationships with their homes. Homes hold treasured memories. It’s common for sellers to be very emotional about their home and emotions can block clarity and objectivity. Most people think they have fantastic styling expertise. Perhaps NOT! If your home has been on the market, potential buyers are coming through and you are not getting any offers consider that the presentation may secretly be killing your home sale.

It may well be the time to call in the experts.

Melbourne Property Stylists knows what the market is demanding and know how to best present your home for sale, particularly in a difficult market. Home styling can be the quickest, easiest and least stressful way to move on to your new property.

Some styling NO, NO’S!
Your home is in bad condition:

Getting your house ready for market goes beyond making the beds and washing dirty dishes. Buyers can’t get out of messy homes fast enough. Homes with toys scattered throughout and dishes piled in the sink … ewwww!
Some homes need updating and quick fixes. Doing these jobs before a sale can boost chances of quickly selling. If items are broken or buyers see deferred maintenance, they wonder what else is wrong. It’s can be more expensive not to fix the house.
Melbourne Property Stylists can assist you with a Pre-sale Consultation, discussing clutter, maintenance and pre-sale preparation of your property.
Personalised photos and “collectables”:

  • Having the entire entrance hall of your home filled with photos of the family as it grows is fantastic for you but of no interest to potential buyers – Melbourne Property Stylists have an extensive range of artwork and the knowledge of where to place it to highlight the best points of your home.
  • Adding tasteful accessories instead of rows of china dogs, will ensure that buyers are left with a positive viewing experience – Melbourne Property Stylists have stylists with years of experience in knowing what is “just right” for each area of your home. Accessories don’t need to be overpower or overpriced; they just need to be RIGHT!

Being too “out there” with furnishings:

  • Having your home filled with items that are very taste specific such as bear skin rugs, naked artwork and enormous furnishings can make prospective buyers run for the hills. Melbourne Property Stylists have an extensive range of furnishings that are current in today’s market. Being able to co-ordinate formal and informal living and dining areas, bedrooms, entrance halls, study nooks and outdoor areas is something which will ensure that your home is styled appropriately.

In order to facilitate a fast sale of your home, consider property styling. Calling Melbourne Property Stylists will ensure that you are speaking to people who know what they are doing and care about how they do it.

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